What is FantasyHockeySim.com?

FantasyHockeySim.com is a simulated fantasy hockey system built on top of the FHLSim software.

Originally a part of DetroitHockey.Net, FHS provides tools to FHLSim-based leagues that allow for real-time management of teams, as opposed to manually emailing roster changes and trades and having to wait for them to be applied to a league website. Additionally, our system tracks stats across a player's career and a franchise's history, offers a live draft, and includes social media integrations for real-time communication and promotions.

FantasyHockeySim.com Fantasy Hockey Leagues

DetroitHockey.Net Fantasy Hockey League
The DFHL is DetroitHockey.Net's original fantasy hockey league, founded in 2000.
National Simulated Hockey League
The league that just won't die, the NSHL is the somewhat-experimental cousin of the DFHL.
North American Fantasy Hockey Association
The "mythical third league" cousin of the DFHL and NSHL. Not yet active.