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There are four quick steps to creating an account at

Step 1: Request Invitation is integrated with Slack to facilitate communication between members. Enter your email address below to request an invitation to the Slack team.


Step 2: Complete Slack Registration

Once you recieve the invitation email from Slack, follow the steps indicated in that email to complete your registration.

Among other things, you will be asked for your first and last name as part of the registration process. While registering with your actual name is not required, we do ask at least your true first name be used in registration. Your name can be updated at any time following your successful signup.

Step 3: Sign in at

With your Slack account created, return to and log in. On your first login, you will be redirected back to Slack to authorize the FHS site to access your Slack account. On future logins, this step will not be needed. You can use the button below to log in.

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Step 4: Authorize Message Center

After you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted to visit Slack one more time to authorize to view your message totals, allowing the Message Center to tell you when you have unread posts. Complete this step and your account will be fully activated. is integrated with Slack to provide a cleaner and more secure experience.Click the button below to log in to FHS via Slack.

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